24 Seater Bus Rental Sydney

There are a great number of circumstances in the corporate, sporting and tour realm where groups can number up to 20 or more individuals. In these cases, multiple minibusses or vans, which are the largest vehicles many for hire companies offer, would become necessary. It is always preferable not to split up a group – and in such cases, the availability of a 24-seater bus can be a lifesaver. When building our fleet at Corporate Coaches, we decided against simply purchasing all our vehicles from one manufacturer. While this may have been cheaper for us as a package deal, we are aware that certain manufacturers have excelled at certain vehicle types. After extensive testing and research, it was clear that the choice for this size and class was the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa.

The Mitsubishi Rosa was first released in 1960. You read that correctly – Mitsubishi has been making and improving this model of people carrier for nearly 60 years. And the automotive giant’s experience in this segment shows the moment you step into a Rosa. With our first concern being customer comfort, this vehicle hit all the right notes. Widebodies and high roofs not only mean more space in a literal sense but also give the sensation of an open area and avoid the claustrophobic feeling of other buses. In a larger vehicle, circulating air efficiently can be challenging – Mitsubishi, however, has optomised the air circulation and conditioning system for the bus’ size. Ease of entry and exit has also been optomised, so individuals old and young and with or without luggage can easily board and disembark. A bus ride no longer needs feature stiff, uncomfortable seating – our buses are equipped with modern and comfortable seats so you can relax during your trip no matter the length.

The vehicle’s specifications also make it the best choice for your corporate, wedding, race day or tour needs. It’s durability and low operating costs save us money – savings that we can then pass on to you! Smooth shifting transmissions and powerful engines make for the most pleasant of rides – at the same time enhanced engine, economy means less environmental impact and further savings for all involved. The vehicles smooth, aerodynamic lines both increase fuel economy and give the vehicles a touch of class not found in all commercial vehicles.

The Mitsubishi Rosa also meets our stringent safety requirements. Features such as ABS, exhaust braking, and a lightweight but rigid body cage increase drivability and protect driver and passengers alike. With their decades of experience, Mitsubishi has realised driver comfort and alertness is directly tied to the safety of the passengers; as such they have added features like an ergonomic cockpit, more visible meters, fatigue-reducing seats, and nimble power steering, allowing drivers to stay alert and be in complete control of the vehicle at all times.