48 Seater Coach Rental Sydney

If your group is more than around 25 individuals, you will often find yourself with two less than ideal choices. You can either hire two or more vehicles from smaller, more budget-friendly companies that offer buses and minibusses, or approach a coach company which will charge a premium for a private charter, and often will only be able to offer a coach at certain times when one is available. When building our fleet, Corporate Coaches took note of this oversight and is proud to offer our stately, 48-seater luxury coach complete with a driver – as easy to rent as one of our vans or minibusses!

The ultimate in transport of larger groups, our coaches have been handpicked and outfitted with your comfort and needs in mind. Our late model, state of the art vehicles also make them the perfect choice for longer trips where lengthy seated periods call for an extra focus on creature comforts and amenities. We firstly ensured that the seats installed provide a comfortable ride, be it for half an hour or three hours. Instead of shoehorning as many of the seats as possible in the vehicle, we have provided each passenger with excellent legroom and space to enjoy the ride without feeling crowded. Overhead parcel racks and space for small items under seats also results in more room to relax. Climate control keeps the temperature on board at an optimum, while adjustable lighting means the mood can be set to the passenger’s liking day or night. Large, tinted windows mean you can enjoy the scenery outside while maintaining privacy for you and your group.

With their larger dimensions, coaches are specialised vehicles. Our drivers are all fully certified to drive this class of vehicle, and furthermore, have been trained and become very familiar with our particular model of a coach. In addition to ensuring a smooth ride and safe operation in general, our drivers are able to combine their knowledge of the fastest route to your destination with knowledge of potentially troublesome roadways (too small, poorly graded etc), getting you there safely and on time. And as with all our vehicles, our coaches are regularly and meticulously maintained, further guaranteeing a perfectly running vehicle and the safety of all its occupants.

When a coach is your best option, but you want to avoid the exorbitant rates and logistical nightmares of dealing with large coach companies, Corporate Coaches can provide you with a stress-free and budget-friendly alternative. Contact us today in order to find out more about our luxury coach hire service in Sydney!