13 Seater Mini Bus Rental Sydney

When it comes to moving small to medium-sized groups of people from point A to point B, the MVP of the transportation world would have to be the beloved minibus. With a considerably larger capacity than any family vehicle, yet much smaller, affordable and convenient than a full-sized bus, the minibus must have been a revelation when it was introduced. The vehicle has now become a staple of Australian life, with tens of thousands throughout the country. With so many, it can be hard to choose a company to provide your transport service – however, we can guarantee that for the best in Sydney minibus hire, you need to look no further than Corporate Coaches.

Minibusses are of course most widely used around the world both by public transport and private organisations to travel routes, much like a bus, picking up individuals along the way. But it is equally useful as a ‘for hire’ vehicle, affording companies or groups of people the ability to be ferried to their destination together. Many for-hire companies will simply purchase the lowest trim minibus meant for route work, or even a second-hand vehicle that has already been used for such. At Corporate Coaches, we believe that when a minibus fits your size and budget specifications, it should still offer the comfort and upscale appearance of any other high-level for-hire vehicle.

Our minibus of choice is the venerable Toyota HiAce Commuter. It is instantly recognisable as one of the most popular minibus models, and for good reason. Its long wheelbase and high roof layout maximise passenger capacity while still affording each individual ample space and legroom. It is incredibly reliable, surprisingly smooth on the roads, and importantly, later models are refined both in appearance and fit-and-finish. This is a good base, but we go on to ensure the minibusses you will ride in with Corporate Coaches is particularly well appointed. Painted in glossy executive black, we add tint and air-conditioning keep you cool on even the hottest Sydney day. Convenience features that are often overlooked, such as beverage holders, prove very useful on a daily basis, and luxury appointments such as high-grade interiors and sound system ensure your ride is an especially enjoyable one.

Another aspect we focus one is that of safety – it is imperative to us that we get your group to and from each destination safely and securely. That is why our minibusses are equipped with features such as anti-lock brakes (ABS), airbags and seatbelts throughout. As with all our vehicles, they are painstakingly maintained and receive regular safety checks. Our drivers are exceeding well trained, and have become familiar with every inch of their vehicle. There is a considerable amount of luggage space – but to be sure you and your group as comfortable as possible and need not worry about luggage space, we offer luggage trailers free of charge.

As long as there are people that need to travel in groups, there will be minibusses. However, the idea that traveling in a minibus must be a rudimentary, uncomfortable experience in a shaky, dilapidated vehicle is no longer the case. Contact us as Corporate Coaches to find out more and book your top of the line minibus hire with driver in Sydney today!