Race Day Bus Hire Sydney

There is something quintessentially Australian about race day. We appreciate the fact that the skill of our trainers and breeders result in some of the world’s greatest racehorses – but at the same time, the social aspect of race day has somewhat taken on a life of its own. It’s a time to get together with your mates and simply have a day full of fun and excitement. Organising food, refreshments, and tickets is the easy part – the difficult part is most often coordinating getting an entire group to and from the track. Even if you can perfectly plan transportation (e.g. four cabs for 15 individuals), there is the challenge of finding available vehicles with the mass of other, and the expense, which skyrockets with heavy traffic and premium rates for ride-sharing options. The most elegant and affordable solution is, without a doubt, a race day bus hire from Corporate Coaches.

Whether the destination is the racetrack, an open carnival or another busy event, we have the experience to get you and your entire group there swiftly and in comfort. Perhaps you and the lads from your neighborhood have decided to make it an outing for all the families on your street. Instead of the logistical nightmare of attempting to coordinate leaving times and keep a caravan of cars together, one of our luxurious 48-seater coaches offers a far better alternative – while allowing for pre- and post-race bonding as well! If it’s the majority of the rugby team, meanwhile, our 24-seater buses will do nicely (and be far more comfortable and well appointed than the usual rental taken to games). Importantly, those in the group who choose to enjoy refreshments throughout the day will not be driving, later on, keeping them and others safe. And when it’s just a small group of friends or a family outing, our 13-seater minibusses and 8-seater Mercedes-Benz vans provide perfectly-sized, affordable options. And yes – we can provide child seats and booster seats!

A real consideration on race day or a trip to an open carnival is traffic – in the worst cases, a large portion of the day can be spent just getting there! At Corporate Coach, we are happy to meet earlier in order to avoid this problem. Also, our knowledgeable drivers can often find alternate routes to save time, and we gladly take less congested toll roads at no extra charge to you. Another hassle is of course parking – which again can result in huge delays actually getting into the event. By hiring a vehicle from us, you can now simply disembark at the most convenient time – and avoid the gridlock when leaving by meeting the driver at a convenient location.

To make race day all about the fun and exhilaration of the races, and the enjoyment of spending time with your friends and family, contact us at Corporate Coaches today. Avoid the delays and hassle, enjoy a stress-free ride there and return home safely using our race day bus hire!